The "Tumor targeting & radiotherapies network" of the Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest is pleased to announce its eleventh international workshop dedicated to young researchers (PhD Students and Post-Docs).

La Pointe de Pen Bron

This workshop will be focused on


“Prediction and Modeling of response to Molecular and External Beam Radiotherapies”


from the 20th to 23rd of September 2017 in Le Bono, West of France.



The main objective of this international workshop is to present how multimodal imaging and radiobiology can contribute to build predictive models of response to radiotherapies. Presentations of biologists, physicians, computer scientists and mathematicians will cover advances in this field of cancer research.


The workshop will deal with prediction and modeling of molecular and external beam radiotherapies through the following sessions:
Session 1: Radiobiology: potential markers & models of response to radiotherapies.
Session 2: Input of multimodal imaging in response prediction
Session 3: Methodological aspects of in silico multiparametric modeling



30 travel grant awards are available for young researchers (PhD students and Post-Docs).

Program contents keynote presentations of internationally recognized researchers including:
- Philippe Lambin, Maastricht University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
- Rolland Hustinx, University Hospital Center of Liege, Belgium
- Victor M Perez-Garcia, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Overview lectures will be given by experts in the different scientific fields adressed by the workshop. A number of selected oral presentations given by young researchers will complete the different scientific sessions. This workshop aims at sharing scientific results and at facilitating exchanges between experienced and young researchers in a fast advancing field.


To stimulate intense discussions between young and senior scientists, the total attendance is limited to a maximum of 65 persons.


Deadline for abstract submission : June 15th

Registration deadline is extended to July 10th

What is the tumor targeting and radiotherapies network of the Canceropôle Grand Ouest ?


The first "Plan Cancer" was launched in 2003 as an initiative to foster France's efforts in cancer management. One of the actions of the plan was the creation of 7 "Cancéropôles" with the mission of organizing cooperation in the field of translational research between laboratories and clinical departments within a geographic area. Thus the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest (CGO) was set-up, covering 3 of the 13 French Regions.


The CGO is now organized in 10 networks.


The "Tumor Targeting and Radiotherapies" network includes four interconnected research domains, which are:

- Concept of innovating agents and nanomedicines for imaging and therapeutic purposes,

- Targeted therapies and radiotherapies for cancer: from animal models to clinical trials,

- Quantitaive multimodal imaging and radiotherapies,

- Biological response and targeted therapies.


This network is coordinated by Dimitris Visvikis, LaTIM, National Institute of Health & Clinical Sciences, Brest, France.


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